Transmedia Producing

We produce live events, provide materials for you to produce, and provide advisory technical and artistic support, provide staffing and design for digital and in person events.


accessible virtual pride

Accessible Virtual Pride

July is Disability Pride Month! What better way to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride and Disability Pride with an Accessible Virtual Pride!


Dis/Rep (Disability/Representation) is a yearly series of virtual dialogues focused on Disability, accessibility, and culture

We Charge Genocide TV

We Charge Genocide TV: QTBIPOC vs the United States Government for the continuing crime of genocide.

Why Mask

Welcome to “WHY MASK?” the thought-provoking art installation by Claudia Alick. By provoking thoughtful consideration and raising awareness, this project transcends political divisions and emphasizes the significance of safeguarding one another during times of crisis.

Watch Parties

we value the act of being in community while we audience for cultural productions. We produce gatherings to enjoy theater, film, and television in a digital space where we can share reactions and comments

Every 28 Hours Plays

The Every 28 Hours Plays were developed to address the racial justice conversation we need to have.

Digital Encampments

We are building digital student encampments for disabled students and others who cannot attend encampments in person for safety reasons.

Virtual Protest Image Jan 13 2024

Virtual Protests

Calling Up Justice supports our audience who cannot attend protests in person.


Calling Up Justice regularly conducts scheduled and impromptu livestreams across multiple platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Gaming For Justice

Calling Up Justice combining streaming video game platforms and social justice content.

Star Trek Podcasts, Videos, Essays

Trek Talk, Trek Table, AI Experiments, and more

artificial intelligence graphic

Artificial Intelligence Experiments

Calling Up Justice is producing disability and racial justice in our artificial intelligence and machine learning experiments and projects.

Current Networks

Early Words

This app allows you to journal on a daily basis and connect with others through the shared practice.

Justice Producers Collaborative

This is a association of people who produce justice. People participate and connect on a monthly drop in basis and via Discord.


We're a free and open platform for theatremakers worldwide, and we've been amplifying progressive and disruptive ideas about theatre and facilitating connections between diverse practitioners for the past decade. We function as a “commons”—a social structure that invites open participation around shared values.

Theatre Folx of Color

Group of theater folx on Facebook who identify as BIPOC (Black Indigenous, People of Color) led by Jocelyn Prince. A brave space to provide support and connect with others who share similar experiences working in and around PWIs (Predominately White Institutions) and in and around IOCs (Institutions of Color). An intentional act of joy, faith, and celebration. A radical place to unite around common concerns and plan collective direct action. Founded by The Crew. We know that the revolution will not be funded. #thecrew KINDLY RESPECT THIS AFFINITY SPACE - BIPOC ONLY (THE CREW: Claudia Alick, Nicole Brewer, Sarah Bellamy, Mica Cole, Lateshia Ellerson, Candace Feldman, Kamilah Forbes, Dafina McMillan, Neel McNeill, Dominique Morisseau, Nataki Garrett Myers, Jennifer L. Nelson, Kathy Perkins, Jocelyn Prince, Phaedra Scott, Hana Sharif, Donya K. Washington, and Sarah Williams.)

Followers Forever

Followers Forever is a revolutionary mobile app that will bridge the gap between creators and their audience, providing seamless access to their favorite social media content. With a clean and accessible design, the app will empower both creators and followers to stay connected and informed.


Followers Forever

A national community of artists and organizations dedicated to collaborative creation, the Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET) works to propel ensemble theater practice to the forefront of culture and society. Claudia is on the board.

Mosaic Network Learning Exchange

Mosaic Network

The Mosaic Network and Fund is a learning network and collaborative fund that supports arts and cultural groups that are led by, created for, and accountable to African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, and Native American (ALAANA) people in New York City. The Network aims to foster trust, communication, and mutual learning among ALAANA arts groups and City-based philanthropies, focusing on institutions, the people within them, and the field at large.

One Free Community

Embrace OFC as your online community center and third space, where genuine connections are forged, compassion thrives, and shared values amplify solidarity. By joining One Free Community, you’re not merely entering a community peer-to-peer exchange, you’re becoming an integral part of a movement that celebrates diversity, cultivates growth, and places empathy at the heart of exchange.


Kufiya Black and white background with overlay of blue Kufiya. On top reads "The Gaza Monologues" With the Calling Up Justice Logo on top and below it reads "international day of solidarity with the Palestinian People"

Gaza Monologues

November 29 Calling Up Justice Produced a disability justice informed digital production of The Gaza Monologues written by children from Ashtar Theater Palestine. We are among many different productions producing The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

W.O.C.A Annual Gathering

In a hat tip to the late, great Shirley Chisholm, the theme for WOCA‘s 13th Annual Membership Meeting is “Unbothered and Unbossed”

The letters E.A.A.T. are outlined in blue aside from the second A, representing Access, which is filled in with a bold blue. Under the acronym are the words Experiments in Art, Access & Technology. This text is underlined by sound waves of varying amplitude. Tinged in blue and orange, the waves reverberate and fade into the black background.

E.A.A.T Exhibit

Experiments in Art, Access & Technology, or E.A.A.T. chronicles the emergence of access as an animating principle of art, science, and technology.

We Been Here

WE BEEN HERE! Celebrating the International Movement of Disabled Hip Hop Artists

F*ck the Gala

2022 year-long digital performance and social experiment around arts fundraising. Experience a liberating artistic exploration of decolonizing wealth and deconstructing our relationship to philanthropy.

electra by adrienne kennedy


2021 Electra, performed by groundbreaking, fully virtual theater production company Access Classics, and co-produced by Calling Up Justice.

Festival of Masks


Complaints Anonymous web series

Complaints Anonymous web series

2020-2021 with Black Girl Magic Creative Series and Ella Tureen

build from here logo

Build Convening

September 2020 with Fools Fury

Gray Area Festival

We collaborated on access design with Gray Area Festival Oct 19-22 2023 Plural Prototypes. We started with supporting artists and process with the Viverse Metaverse CripTech collab.

text reads dec 9 virtual protest linktree onefreecommunity on a white backgorund with black cutout of protesting figures and Palestinian flag

Virtual Protests

Not everyone can physically attend protests, and this virtual gathering serves as a vital platform to express grief, stand in solidarity, and engage in meaningful action against ongoing humanitarian crises.

claudia alick and aashna rai in zoom doing final remarks at 8th annual inclusive theater festival

Inclusive Theater Festival

Calling Up Justice and One Free Community were so happy to work with the Inclusive Theatre Festival Oct 11-12 with Seesaw Theater at Northwestern University in Chicago lL.

the call watch night for black lives

The Call: Watch Night for Black Lives

2021 Collaboration with Babmbd Fest

producing in the age of the pandemic

Producing In A Pandemic

Begun in March of 2020 by producer/directors Claudia Alick and Kholoud Sawaf, is an international peer exchange gathering and non-prescriptive incubation space.

a colorful group of people wearing masks for safety

Million Mask March ONLINE

Our Million Mask March is to protest ending mask mandates. We invite everyone to post a photo or video to our digital March since we can’t meet in person safely without mask mandates. Our Digital March is an online protest to the eugenics filled policies of COVID denial. We can’t march outside together safely because not enough people are masking. Help us reach 1 million masks. This project was conceived by Tinu, produced by Claudia, and graphic designed by Maia.

White/Nights Black Paradise

2020 with Sikivu Hutchinson and MOAD the Museum of African Diaspora

The Justice Quilt Story Circles


Past Networks

Transmedia Performance

Ths facebook group housed many communications for digital performances and discussions about transmedia performance.

Artists Against Islamophobia & Anti-Immigrant Bias

This facebook group was created to organize several discrete actions and theater interventions to support Latine and Islamic populations under attack by the federal government and stochastic terrorism. It was maintained as a communications network.

Standing Rock Theatre Action

This facebook group was created to organize several theater interventions and actions around Standing Rock. It was maintained as a communications network.

The Ferguson Moment

This facebook group was created to organize several discrete actions and a website around the Michael Brown killing and subsequent uprising. It was maintained as a communications network