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Welcome to Calling Up Justice Artificial Intelligence Experiments! We started tinkering with AI tools like ChatGPT, DALL·E, and MidJourney as soon as they hit the scene. We hopped onto the DAIR Mastodon server and dug into papers like “Stochastic Parrots” to learn from experts on AI Ethics. Once we spotted the unfairness baked into this tech, we knew it would soon be everywhere. So we crafted a video game that takes a stand against platforms taking from visual artists. Yep, we’re part of the Archive of Our Own fanfic crowd, and we’re sure that our data was probably scrubbed. To a certain extent we think of these platform as partially ours since they wouldn’t exists without the data they got from us. Check out our fanfic collections and visual art we’ve generated. We’re experimenting with AI to fight bias and make things more accessible. Sure, we’re a bit skeptical, but we’re all about understanding these tools and having some real influence. Our Accessible Innovation project is producing tangible results with our collaborators. Calling Up Justice is producing disability and racial justice in our artificial intelligence and machine learning experiments and projects.

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Calling Up Justice Artificial Intelligence Experiments

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