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working reality disability justice and employment

Working Reality: Disability Justice & Employment Summit

It’s a whole pandemic (still!) and folk are leaving jobs left and right. HOWEVER, one group of people have been clamoring to get in…..Disabled people! In the beforetimes, 70% of reasonable accommodations for remote work that went into litigation were denied. Yet, COVID has shown that remote work was not an undue hardship, but a …

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Producing with a Disabled Lens

Work that does not center justice is centering injustice, which makes for negative artistic outcomes. Practically speaking, it is important for the production teams to have expertise in the areas they want to be successful in. And when it comes to accessibility, disabled artists have the lived experience necessary that will lead to more successful outcomes.

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These alliterative techniques for responding to injustice from Claudia Alick of Calling Up Justice are inspired by bystander trainings, peer exchange sessions, and personal experience. The “three D’s” are ways to respond direct, delayed, or delegated response. The “seven R’s” are types of response Request More Info, Redirect, Remove, Reflect, Reframe, Record, Re-educate.

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Calling Up Justice Captioning Resource Guide

Calling Up Justice uses captioning in our digital spaces whenever we can. This provides an added layer of communication and accessibility not only for the hard of hearing or deaf community, but also for those of us that can use printed text to aid in meaning making. Best practice is to have live captioners but …

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why was it illegal to be ugly from pbs

“I’m One of the Good Ones”: Ugly Laws, Survival, and the Power of Celebrating Things that Aren’t Pretty

It was just me understanding that if I am a coded as being societally “ugly” in specific ways that I will not receive the care and treatment I need. So, I told myself, “I have to be the most attractive sick person, the most able-bodied-looking sick person.” Adding on to that, I also am expected to complain about not being able to aerial dance and do exercise shit. So that people really know that I’m one of the good ones, the one that they should save. write you

Early Words

EarlyWords is a simple tool for daily, stream-of-consciousness journaling to jumpstart your day. We were inspired to build earlyWords by one of the best tools for getting our minds and hearts moving! The private, stream-of-consciousness journaling known as ‘morning pages’ are the first and most important practice described in Julia Cameron’s wonderful work The Artists Way. …

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