Author: Claudia Alick

Crip Rave

Crip Rave™ is a Toronto-based collective, event platform, and consulting hub showcasing and prioritizing Crip, Disabled, Deaf, Mad and Sick body-minds within safer and more accessible rave spaces.

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Are you producing an accessible performance or are you part of the disability community and need accessibility? We highly recommend checking out Bay Area Accessible Performances, a fantastic resource brought to you by Gravity Access Services.

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Image credit: Olivia Ting, “Song Without Words”, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist.

Experiments in Art, Access & Technology

Experiments in Art, Access & Technology, or E.A.A.T. chronicles the emergence of access as an animating principle of art, science, and technology.Meesh Fradkin, Carmen Papalia, Josephine Sales, Andy Slater, and Olivia Ting premiere new work developed in the Leonardo CripTech Incubator, an art and technology fellowship for disability innovation.

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Avatar: The Way of Water Review

From a technical standpoint, “Avatar: The Way of Water” is a visual masterpiece. Cameron’s visionary direction and the pioneering use of 3D and high frame rates create an immersive experience that captivates the senses. The world of Pandora, with its lush landscapes, exotic creatures, and vibrant bioluminescent flora, is awe-inspiring. You can tell it’s an advertisement for future Disney Park attractions.

However, the film’s artistic merits are overshadowed by its problematic aspects, most notably its cultural appropriation and insensitive casting choices. I found it challenging to enjoy “Avatar: The Way of Water” due to its deeply troubling undertones. It felt literally like an act of violent propaganda. While the film’s visuals are undoubtedly captivating, it’s impossible to ignore the racial, colonialist, and capitalist implications that persist in Cameron’s storytelling.

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