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Claudia Alick, Author at Calling Up Justice!

Author: Claudia Alick


Calling Up Justice is happy to be helping to produce this virtual gathering of WOCA’s 13th Annual Membership Meeting. It’s been almost three years into these pandemics and women of color are doing it for ourselves. In a hat tip to the late, great Shirley Chisholm, the theme for WOCA’s 13th Annual Membership Meeting is “Unbothered and Unbossed” recognizing that while women of color have been disproportionately impacted by these pandemics and the oppressive systems which uphold them, we remain undeterred by the various challenges of our times. Women of color arts leaders continue to create, innovate, inspire, and lead – on our own terms

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Nap Ministry

Calling Up Justice believes that Rest is resistance and have been appreciating and supporting these ideas. In Rest Is Resistance, Tricia Hersey, aka the Nap Bishop, casts an illuminating light on our troubled relationship with rest and how to imagine and dream our way to a future where rest is exalted. Our worth does not reside in how much we produce, especially not for a system that exploits and dehumanizes us. Rest, in its simplest form, becomes an act of resistance and a reclaiming of power because it asserts our most basic humanity. We are enough. The systems cannot have us. We recommend you visit the Nap Ministry website and access more of these ideas from their blog and get the book!

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Access Choreographies

Calling Up Justice coined the term “Access choreographies” to refer to the art of designing how people can move in all spaces to ensure accessibility. This includes considerations of access check-in, discussions of captions, reviewing accessible bathrooms, and more. Accessibility is defined as the quality of being easy to approach, enter, operate, participate in, or use. It is an important consideration in a variety of settings, from the home to the workplace to public spaces. We think all the world’s a stage so this term is ideal.

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diverse crowd of folks

Justice Producers 2023

The Justice Produces Collaborative (JPC) gathers in three virtual spaces: Cultivation Calls, Organizing Calls,and the Discord server. We like to imagine it as a community garden. JPC holds synchronous (cultivation calls and organizing calls) and asynchronous connective space (Discord server) so Justice producers can tend our community garden in a way that reflects our shared power and decision-making. This is a collaborative, which means we work together to create better outcomes for the community through decentralized power and egalitarian values. We aim to provide signal boosting and mutual aid for those that tend our virtual garden space. JPC is a project that originated from a collaboration between Grant Miller and Jonathan Paradox from The Curiosity Paradox and Claudia Alick from Calling Up Justice.

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Claudia Alick Personal Consultations

Claudia Alick provides individual consultations on Anti-Racism, Disability Justice, Leadership, Board Management, Accessible Design, Dramaturgy, Gender Justice, Communications, Producing, Development and Fund-Raising, and Intersectionality. These services are not just for the rich. Access what you need to improve now. Consults are available to anyone from a parent’s getting advice on how to advocate for their kids to executive leaders of national businesses working on a professional challenge. Sign up now to empower yourself.

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Transform Harm is a resource hub for ending violence. We are not an organization. This site offers an introduction to transformative justice. Created by Mariame Kaba and designed by Lu Design Studio, the site includes selected articles, audio-visual resources, curricula, and more. You can use what is there, and submit recommendations to be added to the focus areas listed here. We hope you will use these materials to foster your own education and also share them with your communities to build something new. Only together can we transform our relationships to each other and society. We hope that this site helps in this effort.

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criptcreate community guidelines on a pink background with other colored shapes

Crip Create Community Guidelines

CripCreate is a weekly online co-working space by and for all Deaf and Disabled people. This Disability Justice centered co-working space for all Disabled (sick, Disabled, Mad/mentally ill, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, low vision/blind, neurodiverse, or otherwise chronically ill) people prioritizes a safe space for all participants. We are defining Community Guidelines as boundaries for how people are expected to behave in our spaces.

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yoda at a computer reading his fanfic

The Yoda Crossover Collection

The Yoda Crossover Collection was a lot of fun to make. The visual art was created using a combination of Dream Woomba, Adobe photoshop, Midjourney, and Dall-E. We used the character Yoda to test what stories the Chat GPT had been pre-trained on because we’d found it knew Star Wars characters. Yoda felt like a good control and produced the most epic Mary Sue. We cycled through the most popular stories on earth according to a sloppy google search and different types of Fanfic. The entire time we were thinking Star Wars and Disney would HATE this! This is transformative but we were still shocked it was even possible.These stories are the products of exercises we did for educational and skill-building purposes. We share them for free and fun. They do represent hours of labor and aesthetic choices. If you’d like to enjoy projects like these in the future please feel free to support the Calling up Justice practice at any level you wish.

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