Author: Claudia Alick

[email protected] featured on Beyond Deconstructing Podcast

Calling up Justice member Jesenia @NeuroSpicyNetworking was featured on Beyond Deconstructing Podcast.  In this episode of Beyond Deconstructing, host Tierra had an electrifying conversation with Jesenia, founder of the NeuroSpicy Networking and One Free Community. We dive into how intersectionality plays a role in how often women of color are not seen or represented in the conversation about autism. We also explain how the colonial mindset and all of it’s children (the ISMs – racism, sexism, capitalism, ableism, etc.) impact all of us, but especially the most marginalized among us. 

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AI Slidedeck Experiments

During our last Accessible Innovation session we experimented with a artificial intelligence technology that creates a slidedeck presentation based on your text. We didn’t love the design choices, and it added inaccurate information. We think fine tuning the data helps but the white bias in the design can only be fixed by the programmers at google. However it gave us something easy to edit and served as a first step tool for accessibility. We edited the most incorrect text but left the images so you can see how the AI is biased in ways that subvert anti-racism.

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WCGTV Hackathon May 2023

We Charge Genocide TV hackathons are a virtual, design sprint event for social justice taking place over 1-2 hours. We gather online or in person to do group research and publish the results to the site. Each hackathon is facilitated by a leader and main participants have access to log into the website simultaneously.These sessions can be livestreamed to connect a larger audience. WCGTV hackathons are community building and educational jam sessions where we are hacking the system and hacking our own minds for our collective future.

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Cook As You Are

At CripCreate, our awesome weekly accessible co-working and socializing space for disabled individuals, we recently had an exciting session discussing cooking hacks to make the

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CitiBikeKaren Talk

CitiBikeKaren Talk: The Hysterectomy Celebration Fundraiser. Maiamama joins us from the recovery bed as we discuss the CitiBikeKaren Discourse. The “Citi Bike Karen” video footage shows Black teens, subjected to what is widely being derided as fake tears by Sarah Jane Comrie, a physician assistant whose calls for “help” followed the playbook of other white women “Karens” who weaponize their whiteness typically at the expense of Black people. We produced this as a fundraiser for Maiama’s recovery fund.

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courageous spaces theater advocacy project communication agreements

courageous space agreements

These are the courageous space agreements provided by TAP for the AAAA workshop we produced together. They say “courageous” and not “safe space” because safe space equals comfort and they are inviting participants to step outside of their comfort zone so that you can grow today. Spaces are often unsafe for people of color.

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AI Cyrano

AI Experiments: We produced this essay while discussing the complexities of allowing a computer to speak for you. We prompted it to create a story where Cyrano De Bergerac is an artificial intelligence and gave it specific plot points to produce. Produced with Claudia Alick

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2023 NTP Kansas City

Claudia Alick is attending these meetings remotely as art of her advisor duties with New England Foundation for the Arts National Theater Project. This gathering of NTP staff, Advisors, and the 2022 cohort of Creation and Touring project artists to discuss strategies for development and touring of new work; build connections; exchange knowledge and resources; and engage with presenters in the

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A Comprehensive Guide for Visual Descriptions in Gatherings

At Calling Up Justice, inclusivity lies at the core of our values, and as part of our commitment to accessibility, we have implemented visual descriptions in all our gatherings. This practice ensures that visually impaired individuals and those joining through audio-only channels can fully engage and participate. In this guide, we will delve into the personal aspects of providing visual descriptions, while also offering performance notes to address potential self-consciousness and encourage effective descriptions that are informative and respectful.

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