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Welcome to Calling Up Justice

We are producing performances of Justice online, onstage, and in real life. Explore, connect, find what you need.

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Calling Up Justice collaborates across our practices producing performances of Justice online, onstage, and in real life. We are cultural producers, tech workers, artists, social justice activists. We publish and share content and resources on justice. We build and facilitate digital spaces for co-working and meaning making! Some of these are public video live stream spaces like twitch or tiktok, some are talk spaces like clubhouse, and some are private zooms. Disability, Racial and Gender Justice fuel our work. We provide consultations to individuals and institutions. We serve on several governance and advisory boards and support individuals, foundations and institutions with facilitation. We produce transmedia events: creative, social, educational and business. We organize and participate in think-tanks, study groups, and peer exchange groups. We envision new paths to organize and produce outside of colonized ways. We also consult, staff, and design online and in-person events and shows. Our work is live and asynchronous. We love the hybrid as well as the purely digital or physical. We build and facilitate connections.

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Calling Up Justice is available to collaborate with people on a multiplicity of levels. We have spaces that provide immediate connection and others that require vetting and invitation. We have roles that are committed to a period of time, and others that are drop-in. Visit our slide deck and learn more about the practice and what we offer.

Empower us monthly

By investing a small amount on a regular basis, you become a vital force in our mission. $60 ($5 a month) for a year of support might seem small to you but will be significant to us. Financial stability allows us to focus on what we do best – creating positive change.

Digital Residency

Are you ready to embark on a transformative artistic journey that merges creativity with social impact? The Calling Up Justice Digital Residency is your gateway to a unique experience that fosters both artistic growth and personal development. Open to individuals from high school students to adults, this innovative remote residency program spans three enriching sessions conducted over the internet.

Quarantine Residency

Quarantine Residency

The Quarantine Residency, founded by Claudia Alick of the Calling Up Justice practice, is a truly unique and special place. Located in the Bay Area, the residency was created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic as a way for artists to have a safe and supportive space to create and rest. Claudia, who is disabled and quarantining for safety, founded the residency with the belief in the value of both digital and in-person collaboration.


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