Quarantine Residency

Quarantine Residency


The Quarantine Residency, founded by Claudia Alick of the Calling Up Justice practice, is a truly unique and special place. Located in the Bay Area, the residency was created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic as a way for artists to have a safe and supportive space to create and rest. Claudia, who is disabled and quarantining for safety, founded the residency with the belief in the value of both digital and in-person collaboration.



The Quarantine Residency offers all the amenities an artist could need, including food, an editing and recording studio, a private garden, bathroom, and a comfortable bedroom. But it’s not all work and no play – the residency also includes fun field trips to places like the Golden Gate Bridge and Redwood Forest, as well as activities like escape rooms and outdoor silent discos.



The participants in the Quarantine Residency have been a diverse group, including a theater director, a high school graduate, a college graduate, a graphic designer and game streamer, and a writer. They stay for 4-10 days, setting goals for projects or simply taking the time to rest and recharge. During their stay, they have helped produce racial justice events, designed video games, done photo shoots, started TikTok accounts, and written essays, as well as indulging in bubble baths, nature walks, live-streamed theater, movies and TV, reading, and lots of rest and relaxation.



Calling Up Justice’s Quarantine Residency is inspired by the ideas of Pleasure Activism and The Nap Ministry, and has been a valuable resource for artists during these challenging times. However, the program has had to stop for months at a time due to Covid surges, and is currently accepting participants on a limited basis in 2023. If you’re an artist looking for a safe and supportive place to create, The Quarantine Residency may be the perfect fit for you.

Apply Here: https://forms.gle/S1pX3mY5EwMkV29B9


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