Author: Claudia Alick

Logos for Criptech Incubator partners

CripTech Incubator Project

CripTech Incubator is an art-and-technology fellowship centered on disability innovation. Building on Leonardo/ISAST’s full-cycle creative engine, encompassing residencies, rapid-prototyping workshops, presentations, publication and education, this

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DEC 1, 2020 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  I deeply appreciate your support despite the lack of consistent updates here!  We will be doing a number

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Anti-racism Resources

JUN 6, 2020 Listen up! AAPF AND KIMBERLE CRENSHAW PRESENT: INTERSECTIONALITY MATTERS! The podcast that brings intersectionality to life Read Up! “The Death of

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MAR 30, 2020 January 2020 NYC Jess Thom provided me with one of the most powerful theater experiences of my life and I see A

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Understanding Relaxed Meetings

MAY 1, 2020 Relaxed Performances are events designed with accommodations for people—including those with autism, sensory or communication disorders, or developmental differences—who would benefit from

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Chronic Stress Brain

March 26 This is a gentle reminder to have realistic expectations for yourself.  Some have shared stories of Shakespeare writing plays during the plague. First

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