Digital Encampment May Map and Updates


Check out this beautiful creative digital space for imagining liberated futures and organizing. It is for disabled students and those who can’t protest on canpus physically due to saftey concerns. Digital Student Encampments info on my linktree and @Operation Olive Branch @One Free Community @J Mase III @Maiamama #digitalencampments #encampment #studentprotests

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You’re character will spawn into this main encampment space. You can access the code of conduct, and accessibility directions from the information booths by the entrance. You can socialize with other participants, write on graffiti boards, access tents with links to information about other student encampments, demands, disability justice frameworks, history, and resources from Jewish Voice for Peace, Disability Visibility, and We Charge Genocide TV. Check out the library and music jukebox for protest music and free books on Palestine.

To the left you will find the Quiet Garden for silent contemplation and self-regulation. To right you will find the East encampment with more tents and space for socializing.

Down the road you will find our offices. These include our Media Office for Press Inquires, The Operation Olive Branch Garden full of mutual aid links, a Gathertown basic information booth, a Calling Up justice LinkTree, a comments and suggestions office, and an info booth that leads to this website page!

From the offices you can take the stairs down to the lounge and enjoy free Palestine and anti-genocide spoken work poetry. This section also has a stage that will allow you to be heard by everyone in the room. You can enter the Board Game Cafe and play piano, listen to chill music, play a variety of board games and justice based videogames. Check out our curated selection and have fun!

From the offices take the steps up to the ALL HANDS on our roof. This section is for public speaking, plays, and other media. This rooftop garden allows for a speaker to be heard by a large crowd. You can witness The Gaza Monologues, Every 28 Hours Plays Palestine Podcast, and Voices from The Ground here.

May 21 Digital Encampments Update!


Digital Encampment May 21 update! We’ve been spending time in the encampment hanging out, co-working, adding resources and design elements. Its been positive, peeceful, and productive. Thanks to everyone who has improved the space and used it to build justice #digitalencampment #encampments #protests

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Digital Encampment Video Tutorial May


Visit the digital student encampment. This video is the tutorial for how to navigate the space. #digitalencampment #encampment #encampments

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