Gaza Monologues 2023

Kufiya Black and white background with overlay of blue Kufiya. On top reads "The Gaza Monologues" With the Calling Up Justice Logo on top and below it reads "international day of solidarity with the Palestinian People"
"The Gaza Monologues" International day of solidarity with the Palestinian People.


Claudia Alick performed in the Golden Thread and Aviva Arts reading and Jessenia supported in audience. Calling Up Justice livestreamed this with a tiktok audience. Later in the day they all gathered with around 40 participants and produced a rapid response disability justice informed production of the 31 monologues written by Palestinian children. A group of mixed abilities performers created mini ensembles and presented the monologues by embodying the language and land with multiple bodies. We invite you to explore the other Gaza Monologue Reading on Howlround from around the world and also to hold a watch party to share this important work.


We staged The Gaza Monologues by 31 Palestinian children in Nov 29 with the princuples of Disability Justice, Rapid Reaponce, and Ensemble. We are so grateful to everyone who made it happen. Please watch the monilogues or read them or stage them yourself. Also share this video with any partcipants you dont see tagged here! #CapCut @Gene Lee @Jesenia🌻 @JonathanParadox @Paul Nabil @Jae’s Truth Serum @ry @Maiamama @skully 💀

♬ Palestine (Vocals Only) – Muad

Gaza Monologues 1-5 Ensemble One: Ryl Sahawneh, Yura Sapi, Michele Alderson, Emryn Jessop
Gaza Monologues 6-10 Ensemble Two: Gene Lee, Jasmine Sherman, Wlsagi Ma’ingan, Pau Nabil Matthis
Gaza Monologues 11-14 Ensemble Three: Claire Wesson, Jae Sanchez, Riley Turner
Gaza Monologues 15-18 Ensemble Four: Cat Morgiewicz, ingus maximus, Margarita Drvenica
Gaza Monologues 19-22 Ensemble Five: Karina Ithier, sy muñoz, The Lady Ms. VaginaJenkins
Gaza Monologues 23-26 Ensemble Six: Regina Victor, Jesenia, Rose
Gaza Monologues 27-31 Ensemble Seven: Heba Toulan, Anita Hollander, Bailey Parr, Grant Miller
Producer: Calling Up Justice
Director and Editor: Claudia Alick
Stage Manager: Keyanna Alexander
Stream Engineer: Claudia Alick
Assistant Director: Keyanna Alexander
Graphic Designer and Audience Engagement Lead: Jesenia
Audience Engagement Team: Skully, Ry
ASL: Ghostlight Interpreting
Disability Theater Partner: Curiosity Paradox
Published by Howlround

Update from ASHTAR THEATER Dec 2

Dear Global Friends,

In just the past week, we have received several heart-wrenching voice notes from two authors of the Gaza Monologues, Heba and Mahmood. Their messages overshadow the joy and pride we feel due to your truly global response to the Gaza Monologues Call.

Since many of you, along with ASHTAR, have grieved while reading the Gaza Monologues texts and have shown deep concern for the people of Gaza, often wondering what more you can do, we feel it is our duty to keep you updated, regardless of how tragic and saddening the news may be.

Please listen to the message from Mahmood, which we received two hours ago.

We hope that Mahmood will continue to be finding ways to safety.

I also attach an important letter from ASHTAR Theatre for you. Please read it with care.

From Palestine,

Konrad Suder Chatterjee
Communication and Resource Developer
ASHTAR Theatre


November 29. 5pm PST Calling Up Justice: Digital Production of The Gaza Monologues

Calling Up Justice was invited by ASHTAR Theatre in Ramallah Palestine to collaborate on this global reading of The Gaza monologues. They serves as a powerful medium to shed light on the struggles faced by Palestinians under Israeli occupation. As BIPOC and Disabled artists and activists we share experiences and needs with the voices who wrote these monologues. This digital production is done in spirit of the disability justice principle cross-movement solidarity.

Join Us: Take Action against Genocide!

  1. Attend the Digital Production: Join us on November 29th, 2023, for a compelling and accessible digital production of The Gaza Monologues. Experience the raw emotions, stories, and artistry that aim to inspire change and justice.
  2. Promote the Show: Help us amplify the impact of this initiative by sharing the event details with your networks. Whether you’re an individual, organization, or part of a community, your support in spreading the word is invaluable.
  3. Become a Performer: This is a mixed-abilities production, informed by disability justice principles of cross-movement solidarity. We invite performers of all abilities to join our diverse and inclusive cast! Rehearsal will be day of show!
  4. Support as a Moderator: We’ll need folks to help the chat to be a safe space that honors our communication values.

Key Collaborators

  • Producer and Director: Claudia Alick
  • Stage Manager/Assistant Director: Keyanna Alexander
  • Graphic Designer and Stream Engineer: Maiamama

Let’s Stand Together for People in Gaza! November 29th, 2023

Invitation to Join Global Reading of The Gaza Monologues

ASHTAR Theatre, due to the horrific war taking place in Gaza, is launching an urgent request to all its friends and theater makers around the world to publicly read or perform The Gaza Monologues on November 29th, 2023; The  International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People – a significant day for those who value justice, equality, and freedom for the Palestinian people.

The Gaza Monologues are testimonies written by ASHTAR youth in 2010, after the first war on the Gaza Strip. Tragically, these Monologues are still accurate today. They are highlighting the horrors, hopes and resilience of the courageous Gazans to a wider audience, bringing out the voices of children and people in Gaza.

To download the Monologues in different languages please visit: The Gaza Monologues.  By sharing these Monologues, we hope to create more empathy and awareness internationally. Your solidarity is greatly appreciated.

We suggest that your performance/reading be filmed and uploaded online. Please tag us on our social media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn

In substitute of copyrights purchase of The Gaza Monologues, please support our psycho-social program in the West Bank: Global Giving

For more information you can reach out to us on: [email protected]

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