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Calling Up Justice collaborates across our practices, producing performances of Justice online, onstage, and in real life. We are cultural producers, tech workers, artists, social justice activists. We publish and share content and resources on justice. We produce events and advise individuals and institutions. We build and facilitate digital spaces for co-working and meaning making! Disability, Gender and Racial Justice fuel our work. Read more About Us.

We offer flexible options to get involved with us! You can offer resources such as:

TIME. You can commit to attending a meeting for a specific period of time.
SKILL. You might not be able to attend meetings regularly but can work on a specific project.
RESOURCES. You might not be able to offer time or labor, but can invest monetarily so we have what we need to survive and thrive inside this capitalist reality. You can donate resources or sponsor us monthly at

Getting Involved

Level 1: Video on Socials

Be Active Audience –

We’re publishing essays, videos, artwork, music, and videos on our website and different channels. Our social media channels offer the opportunity for real exchange with you. We discuss topics that challenge supremacy culture, and as such we are always fighting suppression. Watch videos all the way to the end. Like, comment, share, repost, save, and send videos to help us reach wider audiences. Repost videos to other platforms or create your own videos in conversation. We can even make videos in collaboration with each other. We are also always looking for friends to edit videos. 

You can support us by sharing the resources of TIME or SKILL!

Level 2: Live Streaming

Be a Streamer Dreamer –

Our live-streams offer the opportunity for real time exchange and conversation.  We produce live events like Virtual Pride or The Inclusive Theater Festival on Youtube and Howlround.  There are regular weekly talk spaces like Trek Talk and Gaming4Justice on Twitch. We also do emergent livestreams on tiktok with watch parties, co-working, and conversations.  

Join as Audience!  Joining regularly keeps the channels active. Subscribe for updates.
Join as a Moderator!  You’ll have more power to protect us from trolls. 
Join as a Streamer!  We co-stream with each other, provide OBS training, and provide a channel with affiliate status.

You can support us by sharing the resources of TIME, SKILL, or MONEY!

Level 3: Join Virtual Meetings

Be Community Cultivator-

Our digital spaces are like rooms you can go to for community and resources.  We hold regular co-working and socializing spaces on zoom, tik-tok, and twitch. You can attend and enjoy or support as a moderate or facilitator.  Check out our Spaces page to see which space fits best.  

You can support us by sharing the resources of TIME!

Level 4: Collaborate with us on a Project

Be a Creative Collaborator –

We produce variety shows, showcases, convenings, and performance events that include music, speech, dance, theater, and more. You can sign up for an ongoing project or propose a new idea for us to do together. Fill out the Get Involved form and tell us more about what you’d like to produce. 

You can support us by sharing the resources of TIME, SKILL, or MONEY!

Level 5: Join the Calling Up Justice Administrative Team

Be Core Folx

We all have our own separate practices and join together to use The Calling Up Justice framework and tools to empower all of us. We meet weekly to support on-going projects and spaces, fundraise, publish communications on the website, newsletter and channels. You can help us in strategic planning, bookkeeping, graphic design, admin or whatever you bring to the table. We are stronger together and collaborate to empower each other. 

Fill out the Get Involved form to let us know you want to take our collaboration to the next level. 

You can support us by sharing the resources of TIME and SKILL!

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