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A photo of the Resilience Journal publication- three journals sit on a counter, one of them is standing up. The cover has a gold stamp in the shape of the circular data visualization framework. There are colored pencils to the left of the journal and leafy potted plant in the background.

Yo-Yo Lin Resilience Journal

Calling Up Justice believes in the art of self-reflection and journaling for empowerment. This tool designed by Yo-Yo Lin uses the idea of data-tracking as an objective tool for holding space for illness. Yo-Yo Lin seeks for The Resilience Journal to be a self-reflection, advocacy, and community-building tool, residing on the shoulders of Disability Justice giants.

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two people working back to back at computers

Body Doubling

Body doubling is a practice in which a person works on and completes potentially frustrating tasks alongside another person. The body double’s job is to help anchor the person to the present moment and task, reducing the risk of distraction. This can be especially helpful for making a boring task more enjoyable and rewarding, or for providing subtle pressure to remain focused. In some cases, the mere presence of a body double can also soothe an anxious mind and model attentive, focused work. We use it a lot in the Calling Up Justice practice.

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