Pixelberry’s StoryLoom App: Where Your Interactive Stories Come to Life

By Maiamama

StoryLoom, the visual novel app owned by Pixelberry, has been making waves in the world of mobile gaming. With over a decade of experience in developing narrative-driven mobile games, Pixelberry has a stellar track record.

Their journey began with the creation of two groundbreaking episodic games, Surviving High School and Cause of Death, which quickly climbed the charts, securing spots in the top 25 across all app stores. Fuelled by this success, Pixelberry set out to craft more story-driven games filled with heart, giving birth to interactive hits like High School Story, Hollywood U, and the ever-popular Choices.

Over the years, Pixelberry’s team has expanded, attracting some of the game industry’s most talented game writers, developers, and artists. This growth has enabled them to consistently deliver top-notch game content that captivates players.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. StoryLoom offers not only engaging games but also a platform for users to create their own visual novels and choose-your-own-style games. Maiamama, who serves as a digital producer and game designer, is currently crafting a visual novel called “Final Test,” which explores the intriguing concept of time travel. Maiamama has submitted the first chapter and eagerly awaits acceptance, promising an exciting addition to StoryLoom’s ever-expanding universe.

With Pixelberry’s dedication to storytelling and innovation, StoryLoom is the go-to destination for mobile gamers seeking immersive narratives and the opportunity to create their own interactive adventures. Explore, create, and journey through captivating stories with StoryLoom by Pixelberry.

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