Maia Mills-Low

Maia Mills-Low, also known as Maiamama, resides in Tacoma, WA, and engages in an array of roles including digital producer, podcaster, performer, digital designer, and social justice activist. She acknowledges the land she lives on as the stolen territory of the Puyallup people. Previously, she dedicated several years to supporting adults with disabilities as a caregiver, vocational coach, and advocate. Alongside her roles, she is a videogame designer, storyteller, game streamer, and Star Trek enthusiast. Maiamama is also an accomplished podcaster and video editor, having hosted on shows like Trek Table and Dizzy Channel Original Friendship. She currently streams on Twitch three times a week with Makeup Monday (Monday@12pm PST), Gaming4Justice (Wednesday@4PM), and Trek Talk (Thursday@4PM).


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