Final Test has been published!!

by Maiamama

Sept 20 2023 The first chapter of Maiamama’s visual novel, Final Test has been published!
October 20 2023 Chapter two is live!
November 20 2023 We’re holding the game to design 100K Praises
January 20 2024 Check our Gaming for Justice to see progress on Chapter 3!
February 20 2024 OH NO! StoryLoom has shuttered. Maiamama is redesigning the game on a new platform. Stay tuned for more info and read about the platform drama below!

Story of the platform ending business and Maiamama pivoting design

100K Praises and Creator Freedom

You used to be able to view on the #StoryLoom app or on their website.

Final Test

Dr Mina Eshuru wakes up and has a very strange morning. Read the first chapter of this original novel written by Maiamama, a digital producer, graphic designer, and game maker.

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