Welcome to our Perpetual GLOBAL WATCH NIGHT FOR BLACK LIVES. In the spirit of radically centering Black Lives, Black Joy, and Black Rest this is an anti-event that requires little to no labor.  Share a positive wish for Black Lives throughout the year in the Global Watch Night board below. Post videos, words, images, or anything you want!  Visit offerings from our powerful international exchanges during The Call and those shared now. We will keep this site up throughout the years. 

In July 2021 we produced “The Call” as part of BAMBDFEST.  This ritual community performance was held at midnight at the top of the festival and again at the end of the festival. The Call served to invite people to participate in this digital Watch Night for Black Liberation.  Participants included faith leaders, dancing and drumming from Africa, local singers, poetry and inspiring speech.  Ayodele Nzinga invited us to continue the project as a never ending digital ritual.  Join us now by posting a wish for Black Lives above! 

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