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The Followers Forever website is up! We are in the midst of launching and testing all the new features. Sign up now for early access as we are still under construction!

Foundation Story

In our weekly communications jams with Calling Up Justice we meet with users in a livestream and private zoom to explore the challenges of producing content on the internet today. This new project was inspired by many of the issues we have surfaced.

A unique challenge we have been experiencing is platforms deleting accounts of marginalized creators in response to hate attacks. During the monthly Justice Producers Collaborative cultivation call participants gave us links to follow their work but within a few months the pattern was undeniable. People’s accounts were deleted with no path to find a new location for them. It’s hard to promote a practice if you cannot find it.

We shared this issue with our EarlyWords developers. It feels like the platform is in between the people enjoying the work and those making the work. In algorithmic driven systems often times you are not distributed content from those you subscribe to. This is a problem for both audience and creators.

We are building a prototype that would allow audience to subscribe for updates if your account changes unexpectedly and inform your followers of your new location. Sign-up now to solve this issue for yourself and your audience!

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