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Every 28 Hours Plays & Free Palestine

Every 28 Hours Plays Palestine Action

Every 28 Hours Plays podcast was recorded by Calling Up Justice and edited by Gifted Sounds. Reading of Equal Parts by Jake Margolin features verbatim text from Ferguson residents who were helped by Palestinians during the uprising following the extrajudicial killing of Michael Brown by officers of the state. The discussion touches on the Black Lives matter movement, racial and ethnic justice, resisting genocide, the power of theater and how our movements are connected.

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two mouths on pop art graphic background. ann james and carly weckstein. intimacy choreography in conversation

Intimacy Choreography

Intimacy Choreographers are responsible for the consensual crafting and staging of stories with content of sexual nature, race, disability, religion, or age with appropriate cultural context and competency.

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Star Wars Women

This week on Sci-Fi Queens we talk about Star Wars Women and the importance of those characters. This episode features Nita Queen of Battle, Claudia Alick, Navya/Chaos Queen, Annie-The rebel Medic

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The National Disability Theatre Handbook

The National Disability Theatre Handbook is an exceptional resource that brings together big ideas and practical resources for the world of disability theatre. Having contributed to its content and audio version, I can attest to its profound impact.

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Vibes N Delights

Calling up Justice is a fan of advice channels but so often they can be toxic. We love Frinny’s channels and enjoy her reading of AITA type material from her audience and reddit. We discovered them on tiktok but you can enjoy their work in both video and audio on the channels below. Check out their project Vibes n Delights below.

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Speculative Stories for the Strike

“Speculative Stories for the Strike” is a captivating collection of original narratives crafted by the imaginative mind of Claudia Alick. These tales serve as a rallying cry, echoing the urgent calls of the 2023 Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG/AFTRA) Strikes. Alick’s vivid storytelling brings to life a series of gripping scenarios that ponder the consequences of unchecked power, as studios continue to wield AI as a tool of manipulation and dominance. “Speculative Stories for the Strike” captivates, inspires, and sheds light on the crucial struggles faced by those who bring stories to life, reminding us of the power of storytelling to drive change and shape a more equitable world.

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