The National Disability Theatre Handbook


NDT Learns: The National Disability Theatre Handbook
Author: Talleri A. McRae

The National Disability Theatre Handbook is an exceptional resource that brings together big ideas and practical resources for the world of disability theatre. Having contributed to its content and audio version, I can attest to its usefulness.

Structured like acts of a play, the handbook invites readers to explore its chapters freely, designed for both quick reference and comprehensive reading. What stands out is its commitment to accessibility, presented in large type and audio formats. It draws on the wisdom of disabled artists, organizers and theatre companies, offering a holistic approach to inclusion.

From guiding values to access planning and practice-centered strategies, the handbook caters to theatre professionals seeking to engage with disabled artists. It also addresses culturally specific practices like Deaf Theatre and Relaxed Theatre, emphasizing diversity. The handbook’s reflections on successes, embracing spectrums, and acknowledging “beautiful failures” capture the spirit of learning and growth within the disabled community.

In sum, the National Disability Theatre Handbook encapsulates years of insights and conversations from National Disability Theatre. It’s an indispensable guide for newcomers and seasoned professionals, helmed by Talleri A. McRae and enriched intentionally by diverse contributors.

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