Vibes N Delights

Calling up Justice is a fan of advice channels but so often they can be toxic. We love Frinny’s channels and enjoy her reading of AITA type material from her audience and reddit. We discovered them on tiktok but you can enjoy their work in both video and audio on the channels below. Check out their project Vibes n Delights below.

The Reddit Rainbow lives on! Grab your vibes and delights and “let’s keep going”. Just like on TikTok, you never know what you’re going to get. One thing that’s always certain? It’s going to be a good time. We’re going to read stories, we’re going to give great advice, the vibes will be STRONK, feels will be impeccable, the nerd will be unleashed, and we might even learn something. The tea is ever piping! Much EXCITEMENT! Let’s jump in!

vibes n delights

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Vibes N Delights

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