Intimacy Choreography

two mouths on pop art graphic background. ann james and carly weckstein. intimacy choreography in conversation

Intimacy Choreographers are responsible for the consensual crafting and staging of stories with content of sexual nature, race, disability, religion, or age with appropriate cultural context and competency. They are required to consult on scenes with otherwise loaded, heightened, or charged content that draws on the actors’ identity. A qualified intimacy choreographer has expertise in consent, boundary establishment, physical storytelling, and documentation procedures. An intimacy choreographer works in support of the production and the director’s vision wand within the actors’ personal boundaries. This role is designed to ensure that a production conducts all physical and emotional engagements with the actors’ protected characteristics in a safe a sustainable manner.

What does an Intimacy Choreographer do?

  • Supports the production
  • Establishes Boundaries
  • Works with the creative team and actors to develop and choreograph physical storytelling that leverages one or more of an actor’s five federally protected characteristics
  • Troubleshoots problems with the choreography
  • Documents the process
  • Provides the actor and team with tools to sustain the choreography throughout the duration of the project

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