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Calling Up Justice highlights disability informed media. Squeaky Wheel Productions provides a forum for journalists, academics, activists and artists to report or comment on issues and events from the perspective of the people most affected, who may have little power to influence the outcome or ability to have their voices heard on the public stage. Squeaky Wheel Productions, Inc. is a nonprofit community media organization whose mission is to promote and foster public awareness of points of view, news and information — generally ignored or marginalized in the corporate media — in order to encourage a more just, democratic and sustainable global community.

Between The Lines Radio News magazine

In-Depth, Timely Progressive Analysis

Nonprofit Squeaky Wheel Productions primarily produces and distributes the half-hour, weekly syndicated Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine (BTLonline.org), in addition to organizing educational events examining such topics as the importance of independent, non-commercial media to strengthen democracy; American foreign policy; wealth and inequality; the need for establishing universal health care in the U.S., and the urgency of repairing America’s broken political and economic system.

Since 1991, Between The Lines, produced by an all-volunteer staff, has been made available for broadcast to non-commercial radio stations at no cost, and distributed as a free podcast on iTunes since 2006. Each week, more than over 60 non-commercial media outlets in the U.S. and abroad broadcast Between The Lines.

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