One Free Community

What is One Free App & One Free Community

One Free Community is A BIPOC- and neurodivergent-led, collaborative project working toward building the most accessible, functional, and inclusive mutual aid network the world has ever seen.

OneFreeApp is an idea for an app. We want to make finding mutual aid and community easier. We want to make the most inclusive and accessible app for connection and helping each other.


Reconnect humanity with meeting its needs via community rather than commerce. Connect people with needs to the people able to comfortably meet those needs, both locally and remotely, at zero cost to users. Needs can be anything that is needed to help a person thrive. Help can be physical, virtual, emotional, ect.

The app is the technology to accomplish this mission. A subsect of the community is focused on helping us build this app while sustaining the discord community.


  • Anti-isms: Founded by BIPOC disability and LGBTQ+ members. We are against discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, sexuality, neurodiversity, disability, race, nationality, class, and status.
  • Inclusivity: We center, uplift, and listen to marginalized voices and operate with social justice in mind
  • Accessibility: We strive to be neurodivergent friendly and operate with disability justice in mind
  • Free to users: Money from donations, grants, and sponsorships will help to fund the function of OFC. We will not sell data, or advertisements. Community Built, Community Organized, Community Run.
  • Abundance Mindset: Assume positive intent and give grace.
  • Collaborative Spoonie Model – Holacratic working method: decentralization of management and organizational governance, which claims to distribute authority and decision-making through a holacracy of self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy. Holacracy has been adopted by for-profit and non-profit organizations in several countries. The Spoonie model adopts a social model of disability, wherein people are disabled by lack of accessibility and inequity in systems.

How we plan on getting there: 

We are calling in like-minded people to help us make this app a reality.  We are very conscious of everyone’s energy level aka. spoons.  Everything you offer is optional.  Help where you can, if you have the spoons to help. Each team is self organizing, Holacratic, and self perpetuating.  Each role will have many redundancies to help spread out the workload.  Each person can bring their unique experiences and share their talents and efforts as they wish to do so.  OFA is a vision and we are working to make it a reality.  If you agree so far and want to be part of that team, Read More. If that is beyond your spoons right now, we understand.  If you can, please share and engage with our socials to help get the word out.  


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Community Productions & Events

> Accessible Virtual Pride 2023
~ Craft Club
~ Daily Body Doubling
~ Movie nights
~ Book clubs
~ Open Mic Nights
~ Online clothes swaps
~ Online Games
~ Small Business Chat
~ Esoterica & Tarot
~ Building a Co-Ops
~ Forums discussing art-studio, philosophy-atrium, food-home-body, special-interests-hobbies, surviving-capitalism, community plans and conversations. 

Partners & Networked Communities

> Calling Up Justice (sign up for newsletter)
> Barter Up
+ Mutual Aid Landing Zone
+ Barter for our Future
+ Online Content Creators Collective
+ Never Again Collective

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