Author: Jesenia

Jesenia’s 2024 Quarantine Residency Experience

This residency is offered by Calling Up Justice and was a wonderful opportunity to learn from Claudia Alick, a disabled artist, activist, and social justice producer who understands the value of collaboration in both the digital and physical realms. The importance of such residencies cannot be overstated, as they provide an exceptional platform for artists to unite, learn, and nurture their creativity. 

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Voices on the Ground

Voices on the Ground is an offshoot of Virtual Protesting, where we hear from people who are in or from the countries experiencing ongoing genocides.

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Asking Questions @ OFC One Free Community

Moderation in Community

One Free Community’s approach to moderation centers community care. Learn about their collaborative process rooted in restorative justice, transformative justice, accountability, and community well-being. Join us as we delve into the heart of inclusive moderation practices at OFC.

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Call Up in community with images of fem people as cartoons with the words "Let's Speak Up" behind them

Calling Up in Community

Discover the empowering journey of a community as they courageously cut ties with an event due to its upholding white supremacy culture. Through the application of restorative justice principles and a transparent “call-up” process, this transformative narrative of accountability, learning, and the unwavering commitment to creating safe and inclusive spaces.

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Circular Diagram with four groups. Facilitators, Volunteers, Moderators, Community Members

Collaborative Spoonie Model

Collaborative Spoonie Model is an original OFC framework applying the social model of disability and spoon theory to the Holacratic working method.  This model centers members’ wellbeing, wherein they only share what is within their energy to offer. In collaborative social justice projects, prioritizing well-being, guided by the 10 principles of disability justice, ensures sustainable movement building by respecting diverse energy levels and fostering an inclusive environment.

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Hybrid Justice Conversations

This is a once a month event is hosted by BPOC.  The space is meant to hold space for abolitionist workers, community organizers, and social justice producers. They invited members of the One Free Community People of the Global Majority (aka BIPOC) affinity group to join in the first hybrid meeting!

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Out in Tech DFW Presents: Stereotypes Don't Define Me

Requesting Accessibility for Out-In-Tech local event

Organizations striving for queer inclusion should strive to minimize access frictions for disabled community members. In-person events that include information about accessibility and organizer’s desires and expectations for the event allows for more informed decisions. By requesting attendees wear masks, we are being more inclusive of disabled & immunocompromised members of our queer community as we continue to navigate surviving an ongoing pandemic.

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