Jesenia (Jess – eN – ee – Ya) is a queer first-generation Indigenous Venezuelan-American, AutiHD (Autistic & ADHD) disabled and proud! She worked as an environmental scientist in labs and in the field before switching to data analytics, communications and DEI.  She enjoys traveling, performing in musical theater, painting, swimming, kayaking, and food. Check out her art!  She is passionate about learning and helping others grow and succeed.

Her social justice work includes the NeuroSpicy Networking Group on LinkedIn to help neurodiverse professionals network and find jobs.  She has also partnered with other autistic women to co-found the One Free Community, an online community center helping neurodiverse adults get their support needs met.  Jesenia has served as a Communications Producer with Calling Up Justice and attends Justice Producers Collaborative and CripCreate.   Most recently she has started her consulting business NeuroSpicy Networking

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