Jesenia (Jess – N – ee – Ya) is a queer first-generation Indigenous-Venezuelan-American, AutiHD (Autistic & ADHD), living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  She is an artist, community builder and organizer, disability advocate, scientist, cultural producer and activist. She is the founder of One Free, an online community center helping decolonizing people connect to community and build mutual aid initiatives together.  Jesenia engages in disability advocacy with the Women Enabled International as part of the US Gender and Sexual Reproduction Disability Justice Alliance. Jesenia founded NeuroSpicy Networking to help neurodiverse professionals network and find jobs; she recently launched her consulting business of the same name.  She serves as a Communications Producer with Calling Up Justice and regularly teaches workshops on conflict resolution, access inclusion, creating neuro-affirming spaces and more. She has recently been invited to be a 2024 Emerge Fellow with the Longmore Institute. 

Jesenia’s prolific culture and content creation can be seen in her transmedia productions, such as Accessible Virtual Pride and Virtual Protest.  You can find her work in various podcast appearances as well as articles, blogs, podcast appearances, and social media content on her website


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