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100K Praises

“100K Praises” is a videogame that celebrates self-empowerment and positive self-image. Journey through a series of challenges and collect 100 genuine statements about your own character and achievements. Designed by Maiamama and Claudia Alick.

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The Road Trip AI Designed Video Game

In this choose-your-own-adventure game, players will have the option to choose between two paths: one that explores the possibilities and limitations of AI-generated art on a road trip, and one that leads to a page with real human artists. Maiamama coded the videogame in Twinery using Claudia Alick generated text and images from entering custom prompts and fine-tuning data into Chat-GPT, Mall-E, and Dream Woomba. This game was designed in part during livestreams in the Calling Up Justice AI experiment performances with Claudia Alick and Gaming4Justice with Maiamama. As players navigate through the game, they will encounter various scenarios and challenges. They will be presented with text and image options to choose from, leading to different endings that ultimately provide the same choice.

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Can you Survive a Racism Videogames

Calling Up Justice is proud to introduce two thought-provoking video games from designer Maiamama. All Games are available for free. Any donations allow the games to continue to be built and improved upon.”Can You Survive a Racism?” and “Can You Survive a Racism: Industrial Medical COMPLEX”

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