Celebrating Self-Empowerment: ‘100K Praises’ Game Triumphs Despite Challenges

In a tale of perseverance and creativity, Claudia Alick, executive producer and writer, and Maiamama, videogame designer and digital producer, have brought to life “100K Praises,” a game that champions self-empowerment and positive self-image.

“100K Praises” invites players on a journey of self-discovery, challenging them to select genuine statements about their own character and achievements amidst a sea of compliments and one disparaging remark. The rule is simple yet profound: players must choose praise that resonates truthfully with them, embracing their unique qualities and celebrating their worth.

The road to completing this uplifting project was not without its obstacles. Maiamama initially crafted the game using Twine software, encountering technical difficulties halfway through development. Undeterred, she transitioned to StoryLoom, a visual storytelling platform she had previously utilized for another project. However, the unexpected closure of StoryLoom presented yet another setback. With just a week remaining, Maiamama embarked on her third attempt, this time employing digital slides to bring “100K Praises” to fruition.

Despite the challenges faced along the way, Maiamama’s resilience and Claudia Alick’s inspiring narrative have resulted in a game that radiates positivity and empowers players to embrace self-love. The inclusion of user-submitted pictures adds a personal touch, ensuring that everyone feels represented and celebrated within the game.

Maiamama and Claudia Alick shared the game Feb 29 at La Mama Theater to a live audience via a projected screen. They had the opportunity to witness other pieces of 100,000 Praises in poetry and performance. It was very special.

“100K Praises” is now available for play on the Calling Up Justice website, offering an immersive and transformative experience for all who embark on this journey of self-discovery. As players navigate through the challenges and unlock the power of self-love, Maiamama’s triumph serves as a reminder that resilience and determination can overcome any obstacle on the path to realizing one’s dreams.

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