Can you Survive a Racism Videogames

Calling Up Justice is proud to introduce two thought-provoking video games from designer Maiamama. All Games are available for free via our Ko-Fi Store and Itch Channel. Any donations allow the games to continue to be built and improved upon.

Every Wednesday on Gaming4Justice, Maiamama joins a live audience to play video games and discuss social justice themes. Recently, Maiamama has been creating original video games using only open source and free tools, engaging the live audience in the game creation process. “A Game for Justice” is less of a game and more a pitch for the project that includes a description and links to some of the tools she uses.

In “Can You Survive a Racism?” players will be presented with scenarios of living as a Black person and must navigate the challenges of everyday life in a country that supports systems of oppression. This interactive social justice experience will educate players through both researched and anecdotal scenarios.

In “Can You Survive a Racism: Industrial Medical COMPLEX” players must make a doctor’s appointment and receive appropriate treatment, but in a country that supports oppressive systems, nothing is ever easy. This text-based adventure game will challenge players to think critically about the world around them.

CONTENT NOTICE: The scenarios use information gathered through anecdotal and research sources. Because of this some of the elements may produce intense feelings. Please take care of your emotional well-being especially if you come from BIPOC communities.

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