Liberated Equity Diversity Inclusion Accessibility Talkspace

Matthew Reynolds produces a weekly talk-space on the topics of liberation, equity, diversity and inclusion. We support the space by participating and archiving some of our conversations. Listen to the replays like a podcast or join the clubhouse room to join in live for the conversation!

This regular weekly live audio space is produced by Matthew Reynolds and Trena Bolden Fields for conversations on social justice topics. All are welcome to share ideas, community, and build movement. This space is held Wednesday, 7:00 AM HST aka 9am PST aka 12 EST in @clubhouse.

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LEDIA Let’s Talk about Coming Together
LEDIA Let’s Talk about the 6 C’s
Liberated EDI let’s talk about Wokeness
Liberated Equity Diversity and Inclusion Let’s Talk about Democracy
Let’s Talk About Fear
Let’s Talk Defining Ourselves for Ourselves
LEDIA Let’s Talk about Pride
2022 Liberated DEI Talk Space

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