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2023 NTP Kansas City

Claudia Alick is attending these meetings remotely as art of her advisor duties with New England Foundation for the Arts National Theater Project. This gathering of NTP staff, Advisors, and the 2022 cohort of Creation and Touring project artists to discuss strategies for development and touring of new work; build connections; exchange knowledge and resources; and engage with presenters in the

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It’s Just a Joke

The phrase “it’s just a joke” has frequently been employed as a guise to conceal the insidious undercurrents of supremacy culture performance. While humor can serve as a means of social commentary and critique, it can also be manipulated to perpetuate harmful ideologies and stereotypes under the pretense of jest. In many instances, this phrase has been used to trivialize or downplay offensive remarks, allowing individuals to evade accountability for their discriminatory or prejudiced viewpoints. This calculated camouflage enables the propagation of supremacist ideologies by normalizing and desensitizing audiences to harmful rhetoric. By labeling offensive statements as mere humor, those perpetuating supremacy culture seek to create a veneer of innocence while advancing their divisive agenda. It is imperative to critically examine such instances and recognize that beneath the guise of humor lies a more troubling attempt to reinforce and normalize prejudiced beliefs.

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Claudia Alick Personal Consultations

Claudia Alick provides individual consultations on Anti-Racism, Disability Justice, Leadership, Board Management, Accessible Design, Dramaturgy, Gender Justice, Communications, Producing, Development and Fund-Raising, and Intersectionality. These services are not just for the rich. Access what you need to improve now. Consults are available to anyone from a parent’s getting advice on how to advocate for their kids to executive leaders of national businesses working on a professional challenge. Sign up now to empower yourself.

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criptcreate community guidelines on a pink background with other colored shapes

Crip Create Community Guidelines

CripCreate is a weekly online co-working space by and for all Deaf and Disabled people. This Disability Justice centered co-working space for all Disabled (sick, Disabled, Mad/mentally ill, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, low vision/blind, neurodiverse, or otherwise chronically ill) people prioritizes a safe space for all participants. We are defining Community Guidelines as boundaries for how people are expected to behave in our spaces.

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a diverse group of disabled people

Dis/Rep Overview

The Dis/Rep project is a yearly series of virtual engagements focused on disability representation and accessibility that began in 2020. It utilizes a variety of formats, including book club-style discussions, a Discord server for asynchronous participation, web content, and remote engagement activities. The project is designed to be an anti-ableist, anti-racist, queer, and trans-positive space, centering the needs and voices of the disability community.

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social media

Followers Forever

followers forever. We are building a prototype that would allow audience to subscribe for updates if your account changes unexpectedly and inform your followers of your new location. Sign-up now to solve this issue for yourself and your audience!

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9 photos of claudia alick doing live writing sessions

NaNoWriMo and Early Words

We have been holding live writing sessions on tiktok using the EarlyWords platform. We love how it helps us track our word count and gives us encouraging prompts while we write. We were invited to participate in National Novel Writing Month and used this as our excuse to launch the live writes. We held 30 hours of writing over the month of November.

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screen shot of whova portal to ntp convening performances

NTP New England Regional Convening

The National Theater Project of the New England Foundation for the Arts is delighted to announce the 2022 National Theater Project Regional Convening in New England. Regional convenings are part of NEFA’s effort towards understanding the theatremaking ecology across the nation, with past locations including in Jackson, MS; Phoenix, AZ; Minneapolis/St Paul, MN; and Knoxville, TN. We are excited to resume this practice here with our local community in a hybrid three-day event.

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