NaNoWriMo and Early Words

9 photos of claudia alick doing live writing sessions

We have been holding live writing sessions on tiktok using the EarlyWords platform. We love how it helps us track our word count and gives us encouraging prompts while we write. We were invited to participate in National Novel Writing Month and used this as our excuse to launch the live writes. We held 30 hours of writing over the month of November.

National Novel Writing Month is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that promotes creative writing around the world. Its flagship program is an annual, international creative writing event in which participants attempt to write a 50,000-word manuscript during the month of November.

EarlyWords is a simple tool for daily, stream-of-consciousness journaling. One of the best tools for getting our minds and hearts moving is private, stream-of-consciousness journaling known as ‘morning pages’. Morning pages are the first and most important practice described in Julia Cameron’s wonderful work The Artist’s Way. The value of this exercise is in the journey rather than in the words produced. We use it to clear out the stray thoughts and emotions that accumulate and compete for our attention. We get the noise out of the way of our best self, our creative self, our inner maker and doer.

We got some great work produced, and had lots of fun times listening to music and creating together. Follow Claudia on tiktok to join future impromptu live writing sessions.

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