Black Is Tech Conference: Inclusive Virtual Networking and Empowerment

Event Report: Calling Up Justice Producer Jesenia @NeuroSpicyNetworking attended this amazing hybrid virtual Black is Tech Conference.

Black is Tech Conference 2023

Black Is Tech Conference 2023: Inclusive Virtual Networking and Empowerment

I wanted to share my incredible experience attending the 5th Annual Black Is Tech Conference, held virtually from August 7th to 9th. The in-person event in Atlanta was held in tandem with the virtual conference! The event was a rich tapestry of virtual speaking sessions, workshops, an interactive expo, networking opportunities, and recruitment avenues. What stood out to me was not only the depth of knowledge shared but also the powerful networking possibilities that were accessible to neurodivergent and disabled workers, contributing to their personal growth and professional aspirations.

Throughout the event, I had the privilege of engaging in enlightening conversations on topics ranging from Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), AI in Tech, Mentorship vs. Sponsorship, Career Pivots, to Inclusive Leadership. One of the remarkable features of this virtual event was the chat function, which allowed attendees like me to actively participate, share insights, and connect with others in real-time. Amidst absorbing the wisdom of inspiring speakers, I seized the opportunity to respond to discussions, interact with fellow attendees, and even shared my LinkedIn profile link, which proved instrumental in fostering connections.

The outcome of this event has been truly transformative. I’m excited to share that I’ve established 335 new connections in the IT field, connected with 25 local professionals, and engaged with over 1,500 attendees. This engagement translated into 211 profile views, 1,800 impressions, and an impressive 40 new followers on LinkedIn. Additionally, I’m thrilled to report that I’ve gained 37 valuable new connections, all thanks to the networking opportunities provided by the Black Is Tech Conference.

What’s even more noteworthy is the impact this event has had on neurodivergent and disabled workers, who often face unique challenges in accessing traditional networking avenues. The virtual format of the conference has undoubtedly leveled the playing field, making connections and mentorship more accessible than ever. Remote work has proven to be a lifeline for those who might struggle with in-person interactions whether due to the ongoing pandemic or neurodiversities. 

This event has been a testament to the transformative potential of inclusive platforms in fostering professional growth and advancement by offering a platform for meaningful engagement and networking. Hybrid events are how we build a more inclusive and just world.

About the Author

Jesenia, a collaborator with Calling Up Justice and cofounder of One Free Community, is working to build a more equitable and inclusive world by building communities. Learn more about her on NeuroSpicy Networking Website or Read Jesenia’s Bio.

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