Accessibility through Disabled Justice Resources

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Welcome to our big resource list to supplement our Accessibility though Disabled Justice training. Many of these resources are available by searching for individual terms on the Calling Up Justice website.

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10 Principles of Disability Justice


Performativity and Language in a new tab)

Social Model of Disability

What is Ableism? A definition from TL Lewis

What is the ADA?

Black Panthers and Disability History

Commitment to Cross Disability Solidarity

Access Intimacy

Forced Intimacy in a new tab)

On Misrepresentative Casting aka Disability Drag from PBS

Alt Text as Poetry in a new tab)

What is an Access Doula?

The Intrusive Identification Demand. in a new tab)

Getting Called Out: How to Apologize by chescaleigh

How microaggressions are like mosquito bites.  Same Difference.  Fusion Comedy

Inspiration Porn

Places to start designing accessibly


Relaxed Theater

My Illness Is Not Your Small Talk [CC] Annie Elainey

Understanding Captions

The Daily Commute – Disability Spoken Word [CC] Robyn Lambird

Intersectional Disability Arts Manifesto by Alice Sheppard

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