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Day 16 Access Intimacy 30 Days of Racial and Disabled Justice - Calling Up Justice!

Day 16 Access Intimacy 30 Days of Racial and Disabled Justice

access intimacy


Access intimacy refers to a mode of relation between disabled people or between disabled and non-disabled people that can be born of concerted cultivation or instantly intimated and centrally concerns the feeling of someone genuinely understanding and anticipating another’s access needs.

Access Intimacy can refer to: 

  • when someone “just gets” your access needs
  • comfort related to access with a person
  • the relaxed feeling itself that comes with having one’s access needs met

Access Intimacy can be built immediately or over years, with someone with shared identities or someone without. It can be strong even with someone who has had no access to disability-related information. It is caring about access issues enough to make a change to the current exclusionary structures we live within.

Source:  Coined by Mia Mingus in 2011

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Access Intimacy in the Arts: A Conversation with Ezra Benus, Taraneh Fazeli, and Owólabi Aboyade

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