Stupid Tourist

Calling Up Justice found the term “stupid tourist” so useful but we couldn’t find citation on the internet so we made this resource.


#stitch with @mayte.lisbeth They are being stupid tourists. #strugglecare #mentalhealth #communication #gamesweplay #disingenuouscommunication

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The term “stupid tourist” is used to describe someone who feigns ignorance of rules or customs, in order to break them purposefully. In a TikTok video response to Mayte Lizbeth, KC Davis used this term to explain the phenomenon of “gaslighting” that Mayte was experiencing in the comments section of her video. Gaslighting is the psychological method of manipulating someone into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning.

Mayte expressed that she felt invalidated or dismissed by some of the comments in her video, leading KC to use the term “stupid tourist” to describe those who were playing ignorant in her comment section. KC explained that the term refers to people who do something they are not supposed to do and then pretend they did not know it was against the rules.

To illustrate this point, KC shared an anecdote about a friend who went to Europe and bought a ticket for a double-decker bus, but only purchased a ticket for the lower level. Her friend then went to the higher level to get better views, where you were supposed to have a more expensive ticket. When they were caught, they played dumb, saying they did not know.

KC went on to explain that Mayte had asked a rhetorical question about why the term “brunette” only seemed to apply to white people. She suggested that if people answered honestly, it would cause them to reflect on their racist beliefs. KC then admitted that when someone says “picture a brunette person,” her mind always conjures up an image of a white person. It requires feigning ignorance .

KC’s use of the term “stupid tourist” highlights how people often feign ignorance to avoid taking responsibility for their actions or beliefs. It is important to recognize these patterns and challenge them in order to foster a more inclusive and equitable society.

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