Day: March 11, 2023

Stupid Tourist

The term “stupid tourist” is used to describe someone who feigns ignorance of rules or customs, in order to break them purposefully. In a TikTok video response to Mayte Lizbeth, KC Davis used this term to explain the phenomenon of “gaslighting” that Mayte was experiencing in the comments section of her video. Gaslighting is the psychological method of manipulating someone into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning.

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Why Karen’s Maintain Supremacy Culture in Public Spaces

The tweets by Claudia Alick shed light on the pervasive nature of Supremacy Culture and its impact on Black people’s agency, personal narratives, and labor. According to Alick, Supremacy Culture grants white people the expectation that they should have uninterrupted access to the bodies and personal narratives of Black people in public spaces. This privilege often translates into unwelcome questioning, inappropriate labor orders, and emotional caretaking expectations from Black people.

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