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Creating Community Moderation

At One Free Community (OFC), moderation is a collaborative effort rooted in community values and respect. We emphasize that moderators are not separate from the community; they are volunteers and members themselves. Recognizing the diverse needs and capacities of our team, we prioritize transparency and communication. Moderators are not omnipresent, therefore our community members are encouraged to speak up and report issues promptly.

Our moderation process is guided by principles of transformative and restorative justice as well as community accountability. We prioritize naming harm, exploring ways to repair, and understanding the consequences of inaction. Whether addressing minor issues through direct messages or more complex situations requiring collective reflection, our aim is to foster a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Process of Calling UP occurs

> Name the Harm
> Name ways to Repair
> Name the Consequences of choosing to not repair
> Name the Results if restorative actions taken
Full Template HERE.

Central to our approach is the understanding that intention does not negate harm, and we actively practice Call Up culture. We believe in learning from mistakes and value ongoing dialogue and growth. While we strive for perfection, we recognize that it is a journey, not a destination. Read more about Calling Up HERE.

We prioritize relevance to the community’s safety and well-being in sharing updates and handling sensitive matters.  Our goal is not to shame or expose individuals but to uphold community standards and foster accountability. With a track record of accountability and transparency, we affirm that we are all accountable to each other in creating a supportive and respectful community space.

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Jesenia, a collaborator with Calling Up Justice and cofounder of One Free Community, is working to build a more equitable and inclusive world via collective action by building communities. Learn more on

About One Free Community

One Free Community is a BIPOC led collaborative project working toward building communities and providing disability & neuro-affirming spaces online through TikTok and Discord. We are a decolonization-focused advocacy organization committed to mutual aid and collective cross-solidarity activism.

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