Hold On Wait For It Episode 6

hold on wait for it episode 6

Hold On Wait For It was recorded as a casual hobby by sisters Maia Mills-Low and Claudia Alick in 2014-2015. 6 episodes were recorded but the Star was episode was lost. This project was produced for free-99 using skype and garageband and left over freetime.  Please donate to http://Paypal.me/CallingUp to allow for projects like this to continue.  

After Episode 5 of Hold On Wait For It was lost and episode 4 was yet to be edited here is episode 6 of Hold on… Wait for It! where Claudia and Maia after a long wait discuss the wisdom of 3 year-olds, their addiction to media, acorn flour, Star Wars, defragging, why my sister has a better nerd card than me, mortality, downtime, Ferguson, what the kids are into to, getting cut off by Skype, Community, Chevy Chase, Monty Python and our inability to stop talking to each other.

Highlights include Claudia admitting to a crime, streaming services like Netflix, HBONOW and Amazon Prime, Danger 5, Octavia Butler, racist book covers, Tons of swear words, DownPour, whisper sync, Lieutenant Munch, the Martian Chronicles, and as always race, gender, and class politics.

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