Day: August 26, 2022

hold on wait for it episode 6

Hold On Wait For It Episode 6

After Episode 5 of Hold On Wait For It was lost and episode 4 was yet to be edited here is episode 6 of Hold on… Wait for It! where Claudia and Maia after a long wait discuss the wisdom of 3 year-olds, their addiction to media, acorn flour, Star Wars, defragging, why my sister has a better nerd card than me, mortality, downtime, Ferguson, what the kids are into to, getting cut off by Skype, Community, Chevy Chase, Monty Python and our inability to stop talking to each other.

hold on wait for it episode 4

Hold On Wait For It Episode 4

On Episode 4 of Hold On… Wait For it Maia gets loopy on Nyquil and Claudia gets loopy on sugar as they philosophize on Kristin Stewart, Zarathura, the sorcerers apprentice, Dax Shepard, being Fancy, Punked, Punky Power, Bill Cosby, Raven Simone, CB4, Race and Representation, Wintworth Miller, One Drop, Stoker, NASA, Doctor Who, The Flash, Jesse L Martin, eating honey, quitting smoking, spoilers, Smallville, Superman, Nyquil, Benadryl and Unisom, Costco, allergies, Arizona, the revolution, toilet wine, box wine, physics, mortality, Ebola, talking to children about the afterlife, Magma, Battlestar Galactica so says the Whedon, So says we all.

Hold On Wait For It Episode 3

hold on wait for it! Welcome to a hardcore discussion of Women in Star Trek!

Highlights include delving into the intersectionality of race and gender (it’s hard being a mixed Vulcan!), leadership and lack of sex, Borg boobs, manic pixie dream girls from outer-space, being baby crazy for plot, Klingon PMS, criminality and female power, deadbeat dad’s with the wormhole aliens, a dabo girl with a heart of gold, Ferengi sexual harassment, scientists making bad decisions because of their lady parts, a high pitched defense of T’Pol, STTNG slut shaming, Guinan as the magic negro, and LGTBQ politics in the FUTURE!

hold on wait for it episode 2 cleavant derricks

Hold On Wait For It Episode 2

On episode two of Hold On Wait For It podcast sisters Claudia and Maia discuss looking sexy, the use of problematic language, taking offense, Sliders, Cleavant Derricks, Star Trek the Next Generation season 2 episode 5, Howie Seago, Common, Mackelmore, Eminem, Brooklyn 99, Stephanie Beatriz, Archer, Aisha Tyler, the murder of Jordon Davis, and race and ethnicity in the United States.