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SWANA stands for Southwest Asian and North African. This term is used to describe the region commonly referred to as the Middle East. SWANA is a “way to distinguish the region in geographical terms, rather than “political terms” as defined by the Western world”

The People’s WPA poster by N’Deye Diakhate

 A People’s WPA

To do this work, The People’s WPA will select a group of collaborators to support in a 6 month process. Our work will be organized around the themes of HEALING, NOURISHMENT, LIBERATION, REGENERATION, REMEMBERING, TRUTH TELLING, and DEEPENING DEMOCRACY, understanding these as vital ways in which community-based artists and cultural workers are steadfastly working to repair society and move us all into a more sustainable and enriching future.

Civic Media Leadership Social Hour Gaming4Justice Success!

Please enjoy Maiamama’s report out for her presentation with the Civic Media Leadership Social Hour with USC Annenburg Innovation Lab on Gaming4Justice and open source accessible Video Game design. Hi everyone! Maiamama here. I’d like to thank the Annenberg Innovation Lab ( and the USC Civic Media Fellowship for hosting and attending our social hour …

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Visual Description

The Calling Up Justice practice finds visual descriptions useful online and in real life. It describes visual information needed to understand the content, including text displayed in the video or in the physically shared space. In remote meetings the visual description allows those of us off camera to provide others with vital information for others …

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yes magazine cover art Rights and Justice: Disability Advocates Blazing Trails

Rights and Justice: Disability Advocates Blazing Trails

Heumann seemed to be a bit taken aback by this. For clarity, from my mother’s perspective, litigation was not applicable. The so-called justice system is not just and was not built for or intended to work for those who are Black and Brown. Heumann nodded at this clarification and said that she understood, as her parents were Jewish immigrants and the thought of litigation or lawyers was foreign to them, too. But the movement for disabled rights was born out of looking at other movements, like the civil rights movement. “Rosa Parks sat on a bus, but nobody questioned whether you as a Black woman who is disabled could get on that bus. Those were the things that we were fighting for.”