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a series of justice producers links and pictures in a green background

Justice Producers Collaborative November 2022

This gathering continues to magically be the perfect size and population. This month was a comfortable mix of regulars, newbies, and folks who have been absent for a few months. Our justice producing practices covered men’s wellness, tech industries, visual arts industry, film and television, gender justice, indigenous and climate justice, disability justice, and racial justice. Several more seeds to lead you to knowledge or places to to support were planted in the JUSTICE COLLABORATIVE GARDEN

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diverse crowd of folks

Diversity Training

To be more effective, diversity training workshops need to be designed in a way that is more interactive, participatory, and focused on addressing systemic issues. By taking a more holistic and inclusive approach, it may be possible to create more meaningful and effective diversity training workshops that can help to create more equitable and inclusive workplaces. Ultimately diversity trainings are part of the EDI industrial complex. It is rehabilitating a system that some believe need to be dismantled.

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FORCE! rehearsing and recording at the Graham Foundation | photo by: Ricardo Adame

Ten Theater Ensembles Receive National Theater Project Awards

(Boston, MA) The New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) announces the 10 recipients of the National Theater Project Creation and Touring awards as well as the 15 recipients of Artist Development awards, totaling nearly $1.3 million in support to the field.

The National Theater Project (NTP) promotes the development and touring of artist-led, ensemble, and devised theater works. NTP’s 12 Advisors selected these projects from an initial 98 competitive preliminary applications narrowed to 25 final applications. Each of the finalists was paired with an Advisor to support the final application process.

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a sign that says justice at a street protest


These alliterative techniques for responding to injustice from Claudia Alick of Calling Up Justice are inspired by bystander trainings, peer exchange sessions, and personal experience. The “three D’s” are ways to respond direct, delayed, or delegated response. The “seven R’s” are types of response Request More Info, Redirect, Remove, Reflect, Reframe, Record, Re-educate.

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why was it illegal to be ugly from pbs

“I’m One of the Good Ones”: Ugly Laws, Survival, and the Power of Celebrating Things that Aren’t Pretty

It was just me understanding that if I am a coded as being societally “ugly” in specific ways that I will not receive the care and treatment I need. So, I told myself, “I have to be the most attractive sick person, the most able-bodied-looking sick person.” Adding on to that, I also am expected to complain about not being able to aerial dance and do exercise shit. So that people really know that I’m one of the good ones, the one that they should save.

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photo collage of community process

Vallejo Fund

We’re so excited to be invited by De La Projects to facilitate with 3 Palms Group and the Hewlett Foundation to design and envision distribution

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