NETneXt Community Agreements Within Ensembles

NETneXt Digital Peer Exchange Event

How can we engage with and care for each other during the NETneXt national process, and beyond? As ensemble members and collaborative artists, we all have practices and ways of communicating. What are our shared expectations and commitments when we gather as a NET community? What should they be?

In this first community agreement Circle-Up, we’ll start to develop collective language through peer-based knowledge exchange, listening, and learning. This will be an active work session to share and collect examples of community and collaboration agreements from the NET membership. Please bring your own offerings, lived experiences, and curiosities.

Co-facilitated by NETneXt Bridge Ensemble members: Severin Blake, Todd London, Alexandra Meda, Denise Uyehara

What is NET?

The Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET) is a national community of artists and organizations dedicated to collaborative creation working to propel ensemble theater practice to the forefront of culture and society. NET defines ensemble broadly to include collectives, artists, co-creators, practitioners, producers, scholars, educators, teaching artists, students, cultural workers, organizers, activists, policy makers, funders, community partners, and other allies.

Claudia has served as vice-president, and co-president of NET Board of Trustees for several terms. Claudia brings the tenets of Calling Up Justice and their expertise as a facilitator and change-maker to the organization as it responds to current issues and helps shape the future of justice, advocacy, and ensemble-based performance.

Event Report out

Claudia Alick and Jesenia attended in LA from the hotel. Claudia was able to attend the entire event. Jesenia was flying and was able to catch the later half. The session had deep resance for both Claudia and Jesenia. One Free Community has several different communication agreements for it’s digital connection spaces. Calling Up Justice crafts community agreements for digital and physically shared spaces. They use community agreements and

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