Big Ideas and Claudia and Beatrice

Beatrice Thomas of Authentic Media and Claudia Alick of Calling Up Justice are testing a new format to share some big ideas. They discussed Followers Forever and On-Demand Front of House Training. This is an opportunity to hear about exiting new projects that combine tech, arts, and justice. They plan on holding more talks like this in the future.

Through AA&M, they are building a world where LGBTQ+ and BIPOC artists thrive. They do this by developing and proliferating culturally equitable strategies rooted in popular education, design justice, and collective joy to grow equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) across all arts and media platforms.

Calling Up Justice is producing performances of justice online, onstage, and on the streets. At Followers Forever, they’re not just building another social media tool; they’re engineering a revolution in digital connectivity. In a landscape where user data is commodified and sold to the highest bidder, and where algorithms dictate the reach and visibility of content, they’re flipping the script. Their mission is clear: to liberate both creators and audiences from the constraints of traditional social media platforms. With Followers Forever, power shifts back where it belongs – into the hands of our users.

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