A Path to Cooperative Membership with Followers Forever

At Followers Forever, we’re not just building another social media tool; we’re engineering a revolution in digital connectivity. Our mission is clear: to liberate both creators and audiences from the constraints of traditional social media platforms. In a landscape where user data is commodified and sold to the highest bidder, and where algorithms dictate the reach and visibility of content, we’re flipping the script. With Followers Forever, power shifts back where it belongs – into the hands of our users.

To guide us on this journey towards liberation and justice, we’re thrilled to announce the formation of a NO MONEY PATH to our cooperative membership. No social media site is truly free so we are creating the territory for equitable exchange. Our advisory board should be powered by the all our people not only those with the most privilege.

At the heart of Followers Forever is our commitment to equity and empowerment. That’s why we’ve established a tiered sliding scale membership model, ensuring accessibility while valuing the contributions of every member. From $12 to $2500 a year, each tier offers unique benefits, but none compromise on our core principles. Now we are offering a more powerful path to joining the Cooperative Membership level.

Participants not only gain access to exclusive perks like Advisory Board membership, a quarterly newsletter, and a share of future profits, but they also have the opportunity to contribute to our growth and success. By actively promoting the site and recruiting users, individuals can unlock the full benefits of Cooperative Membership. Grow your influence by bringing in 100 new followers and sharing promotional materials on your personal channels and grow our collective power!

We understand the importance of transparency and accountability, which is why we’re committed to establishing a technical path for verifying contributions through affiliate links. But until then, we’re placing our trust in you – our community – to continue advancing our mission together. You’re trusting us to build this tool for you and maintain our promises.

Join us in reshaping the digital landscape. Join us at Followers Forever. Together, we rise.

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