What’s NEXT for NET

June 21 Claudia Alick reprised the performance she did in 2011 for NET. Claudia attended as a catalyst speaker where she observed the 3 day convening and performed a closing piece at the end that included the best things shared as a performance poem. The closing dinner was produced to be accessible remotely and closed with toasts to Alisha Tonsic’s leadership. Below is information about the next steps for NET and the poem.

Let the Transformation Begin

For the past two years, NET’s staff, Board, and Bridge Ensemble have worked with members of the NET community on plans to re-activate and transform the ensemble arts community, as well as NET itself. The planning phase of this process, NETneXt, is now at an end. 

We’re writing to let you know what that planning process has yielded and where we’re going. As NET heads into a changed, hopeful, and uncertain future at the start of our new fiscal year on July 1, we’re asking you to chart that course with us.

Toasting Alisha Poem

Thank you net weaver. Your drop set into motion circles that continue to ripple. Please receive this gift of resilient spirals. We have been connected rom the past to the present. We admire your extraordinary powers of attraction. Your mentor thanks you with lessons you taught. Frivolity bringing magic. Hears to all the years of making things happen and those to come. We will thank you in private and thank you in song. We love the way you show up. you made space for broadening the definition of what we do together. Net has been formative to lives. The planning, the building, the intentionality, the relationships. We found ways to say yes. Thank you for the yesses into the future. We breathe together. Gracious. Rigor. Perseverance. Through obstacles, through crisis, through laughter and joy. we do the impossible and ridiculous with care. Our mentorship is an Intricate web of relationships we continue to spin in new ways. beautiful valuable. Leadership makes that possible. We think expansively. Theater is more than only what we are thinking it is. Theater is for all people. Salut. Gracias. We continue to thank you. Your Kindness. Humor. Brilliance about all things budget. Shrewdness and Persistence. Care and strength. We are grateful and excited for what is next. We thank you intergenerationally. We breathe together. We thank you from notes from afar, digital spaces, and the meal table. We will carry with us a your commitment to accessibility in details big and small. Cheers to you. Thank you for our time together and the tremendous work. Seeing you get your due is almost too much to bear. You made our contributions feel valuable and meaningful. We love your case of kindness is a spine of steel. Thank you for your stubbornness. Thank you from living in your values. Integrity pushes us. That is healing. Your name is spoken in room you are not in. Your name is an inspiring refrain. You echo our gratitude. You’ve come to us for help and you’ve taught us. You balance the rational and irrational that we cannot live without. We thank you for the things you’ve done that no one sees. Thanks for your bravery. Always knowing you were going to be in the trenches gave us comfort. We keep naming the moments. The memories. Thank you for pioneering caregiving indicatives for the field. We look forward to finding each other in the future.

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