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Understanding Gender Pronouns - Calling Up Justice!

Understanding Gender Pronouns

JUL 10, 2019 12:17 PM

This Quick and sloppy resource video is for intro to using gender pronouns.  I always start my trainings off with folks introducing themselves and questions on this topic come up a lot!  We have not created a full pdf guide on this topic yet so please leave comments with links to more educational resources you prefer  ( here, in the basecamp, or in the patreon) 

BASIC ADVICE: Add your gender pronouns to your bio, email signature and business cards to communicate your #genderjustice values.  Add gender pronouns to in-take forms, introductions for meetings or on name tags to create space for people to self disclose so you are not misgendering folks.  It’s ok for folks to not not disclose but if anyone dismisses the practice while doing it you MUST interrupt this microaggression.  But don’t target trans community to force disclosure or perform your own inclusivity.  

Below are a few sources to learn more!

“Why do pronouns matter?  We use pronouns every single day. Referring to someone by their correct pronoun is a simple way to say, I see you for who you are, and respect you for it.”

What are pronouns?

Some responses to questions folks get about their pronouns.

Gender Neutral Pronouns

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