Trek Table

Trek Table

Trek Table is produced by Calling Up Justice Partner Practice De La Projects as a digital stream with a LIVE audience on platforms like Twitch and Youtube. We record a show that we archive as an audio podcast and a video archive available on platforms like apple itunes.

Trek Table is a little like Sports Center meets a Quiz show, with lots of Improv and a sashay of Ru Paul’s Drag Race while sitting around the table having tea or a bowl of salad to hear women of color’s thoughts, opinions and insights on Star Trek Discovery. It’s a ritual. So we hold space. We breathe together. We laugh and sometimes, we have Star Trek fights – with our phasers set on stun.  

Trek Table welcomes all levels of Trek fandom. Some of our Trek Table hosts identify as Star Trek Femme, Star Trek Light, others come from a generational Star Trek family.  We also welcome thoughts from our LIVE digital audience in the chat. Trek Table Questions are posed to all of the Trek Table assembled that day (our hosts & our chat). Additionally, at various moments in the show Trek Table hosts engage with the live chat directly. This also allows multiple layers and different kinds of women of color Star Trek fans (and our allies) to engage in the chat. 

Trek Table began out of our showrunner’s desire to talk to other women of color about Star Trek and specifically, Star Trek Discovery! We’re watching Star Trek Discovery because of Michael Burnham, Dr. Hugh Culber, Captain Georgiou, Cadet Sylvia Tilly, Lt. Joan Owosuken, Commander Landry, Commander Sa’ru and more. We watch because we love seeing a Black woman scientist as the lead of a show. We are intrigued by her story as a human raised culturally as a Vulcan and her found family amongst her Malayasian Star Fleet Captain and mentor and the journey to family with the Discovery crew. We watch because we are here for queer love and and seeing the growth of our favorite Space Daddies. We’re here because Star Trek Discovery is a show that more closely resonates with some of our lived experiences than with other Star Trek shows or movies that we love.

Showrunner Alison De La Cruz started gathering the Trek Table together through friends and loose networks. If you would like to introduce us to a potential host, including yourself, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

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