They Can’t Define Woke

Agents of supremacy culture often employ the term “woke” as a convenient placeholder for any content or frameworks that challenge or resist the norms and ideologies they seek to perpetuate. By dismissing such concepts as merely “woke,” these individuals attempt to belittle and marginalize important discussions surrounding social justice, equity, and inclusion. This tactic serves as a way to undermine meaningful conversations about dismantling structures of oppression and maintaining the status quo. By reducing complex and critical ideas to a simplistic label, agents of supremacy culture aim to discourage engagement with progressive perspectives and maintain their grip on dominant power dynamics. However, it is important to recognize and confront this strategy, to continue promoting open dialogue and advancing the efforts to create a more just and equitable society.


#duet with @evann_with_2ns this person helped draft a chapter of language to confuse people into thinking anti-racism or anti-Heterosexism or anti-transhate were somehow bad ideas. But she struggles to define the term in front of others. #rhetoric #aave #supremacyculture

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Bethany Mandel tweets a story about why she was unable to define woke. Blames a Black woman. #woke

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