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The Yoda Crossover Collection - Calling Up Justice!

The Yoda Crossover Collection

yoda at a computer reading his fanfic


The Yoda Crossover Collection was a lot of fun to make. The visual art was created using a combination of Dream Woomba, Adobe photoshop, Midjourney, and Dall-E. We used the character Yoda to test what stories the Chat GPT had been pre-trained on because we’d found it knew Star Wars characters. Yoda felt like a good control and produced the most epic Mary Sue. We cycled through the most popular stories on earth according to a sloppy google search and different types of Fanfic. The entire time we were thinking Star Wars and Disney would HATE this! This is transformative but we were still shocked it was even possible.

This project was less about the literal characters and more about the experience of testing the limitations and capabilities of the AI tool. As with many of Calling Up Justice projects this was rooted in pleasure activism and we had a lot of fun generating these stories. We discussed topics such as labor justice, cultural appropriation and more as we generated stories.

Later we read a few stories out loud with our audience which inspired the creation of even more. These fanfics are the result of suggestions from myself based on knowledge about popular fanfic plots such as Steve/Eddie as well as random suggestions from the AI. In our second draft we let it choose who Bella ended up with and we were all surprised at the result!

This draft includes a few more stories or versions. We saved all our results and fine-tuning sets so replicating a story was a fast process. We anticipate these corporate IP’s being placed behind paywalls and being forced to purchase different AI that are limited. You might be able to buy a Star Wars pack for a story-generator sold by Disney sometime soon. Until then enjoy my stories for free!

These stories are the products of exercises we did for educational and skill-building purposes. We share them for free and fun. They do represent hours of labor and aesthetic choices. If you’d like to enjoy projects like these in the future please feel free to support the Calling up Justice practice at any level you wish.

–Claudia Alick


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