black woman in yellow jumpsuit with arm crutches in desert. on back ground words DWD the Divas With Disabilities Project

Thanks to Diva’s with Disability for their support of WE BEEN HERE! Celebrating Disabled Hip Hop Artists.

The Divas With Disabilities Project is a digital movement and community that is committed to increasing the participation and representation of Black and brown women and girls –DIVAS– Dynamic, Illuminating, Victorious, Achieving Sisters with visible disabilities. Their mission is to amplify DIVAS’ voices by providing a community and network that identifies opportunities for inclusion in mass media, and by partnering with organizations who have demonstrated a commitment to the inclusion of Black and brown women and girls with visible disabilities. Divas With Disabilities vision is to ensure that DIVAS are portrayed and represented throughout the media (Television, Film, and Advertising).

Goals of The Divas With Disabilities Project

  • ​​Provide opportunities for DIVAS to be included in mass media outlets (TV, film, and advertising)
  • Provide opportunities for DIVAS to engage in industry networking events, leadership development and career advancement workshops
  • Create and host programs, national/local events and initiatives that promote civic engagement and female empowerment​
  • Serve as a resource or pipeline for casting agents, film directors, and other media industry organizations to identify DIVAS for opportunities in front and behind the camera


As founder of the DWD, Dr. Donna Walton shares the historical underpinnings of Black women with disabilities being properly represented especially in the current media climate. Through her lived experience, Donna was inspired to create an organization that both celebrated and served as a platform for amplifying the voices of Black and brown women and girls living with visible disabilities.

Donna has made it her life mission to create an unprecedented impact for Black women and women of color with disabilities and foster as a hub for thoughtful discussion on issues, self-love, and showing up, unapologetically in all forms of media. To learn more about Donna, visit

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