thomas reid. bland black man wearing sunglasses

Thomas Reid edited our Every 28 hours Plays podcasts in 2021. His podcast “Reid My Mind” features stories and profiles of compelling people impacted by all degrees of Blindness and Disability. Plus Reid explores his own experience in his unique way of pairing his words with music and sound design.

In 2004, while working as an IT developer, Thomas lost his sight as a result of Cancer. Disturbed by the lack of accessibility he helped launch a local advocacy organization. He later pursued a dormant interest in audio production in order to help promote topics pertaining to vision loss. With a strong focus on audio, Reid My Mind is a platform for Thomas to share interviews, stories, opinions in all media formats.

“It’s the message that concerns me, not the medium. It’s just talk if I complain about the lack of coverage or the negative portrayal of my peer groups; African Americans, those with Vision Loss, and in general anyone interested in sharing more positive images of the world. So this is my way to try and make a small difference.”

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