Recoding CripTech

January 23 2020

Curated by Vanessa Chang and Lindsey D. Felt, Recoding CripTech reimagines enshrined notions of what a body can be or do through creative technologies, and how it can move, look, or communicate. As the term “crip” reclaims the word for disability culture and recognizes disability as a cultural and political identity, so too do artists hack technologies to dismantle barriers to access. By creating new kinds of social and sensory interactions with technology, these artists portend a crip aesthetic for media arts that honors the diversity of human bodies.

Thursday, January 23, 6–9pm, the evening program feature an artist panel discussion and Q&A, led by disability scholar and UC Berkeley professor Karen Nakamura featuring disability activist and Disability Visibility host, Alice Wong. Artists Darrin Martin, M Eifler aka BlinkPopShift and Claudia Alick.

Together, panelists explore how the political work of cripping technologies exposes disparities as well as offer insight into the aesthetic motivations of exhibiting artists. The discussion will be recorded and turned into an episode of Wong’s podcast.


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